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Acumatica is the complete Cloud ERP solution for all your business management needs today and in the future.
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Reasons why over 7,000 fast-growing, forward-looking companies choose Acumatica

#1: Rich in functionality, tailored to your industry

General Business Edition

Puts financials, reporting, and CRM at your fingertips

Distribution Edition

End-to-end management of your supply chain including orders, inventory and warehouse

Commerce Edition

Your E-Commerce operations, CRM and accounting supported by one single system

Field Service Edition

Field Service Sales, Contracting, Operations and Finance seamlessly working together

Manufacturing Edition

Integrates Production Planning and Manufacturing with your entire business

Construction Edition

Project Management, Job Cost accounting, CRM, Inventory Management, Finance, mobile and more.

#2: Unique licensing model

Acumatica’s philosophy is that to gain the most value from a system, the consideration who is provided access should be driven by value, not by cost. Therefore unlike its competitors Acumatica does not charge per user license fee

Includes all employees, not just a few

No per-user fees; extends to key partners, customers

Removes business bottlenecks, improves results

Don’t want to be surprised with high annual increases for your cloud-system subscriptions? Check Acumatica’s Customer Bill of Rights

#3: Flexible in deployment

Dependent on your company’s preference, Acumatica can be provided as a SaaS based offering, or installed on your private cloud. And you can change this at anytime during the lifetime of the contract.

Public cloud

Private cloud

A flexibility that can become very valuable, since we never know what the future will hold.

#4: Access from Anywhere, on Any Device

Acumatica is 100% browser enabled and can be accessed from anywhere, from any device.

And users who access Acumatica on their mobile will have exactly the same functionality available as using a tablet, laptop or desktop.

#5: Open architecture & rapid integration

You like Acumatica however your business uses more systems than just an ERP. Don’t worry. Acumatica’s open architecture will ensure that Acumatica can ‘talk’ to any other system. Standard ‘out-of-the box’ integrations have been developed which is making it even easier to connect to a multitude of systems. Check our marketplace for what is available.

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