Super-Connect Your CMMS

Get insightful analytics at your fingertips to make better decisions backed by data. Improve asset performance and increase productivity with Fiix Integration Hub.

Super-Connect Your CMMS

Get insightful analytics at your fingertips to make better decisions backed by data. Improve asset performance and increase productivity with Fiix Integration Hub.

Fiix Integration Hub

Every enterprise needs an enterprise-level solution. Being a pure cloud solution, Fiix offers endless options to integrate with applications, sync data and perfect your workflows. No matter what your requirements might be, it is super easy to connect with other systems and start your asset reliability program.

Use out-of-box connectors built for enterprise solutions to integrate maintenance workflows and processes, and sync real-time data. Connectors can be easily configured to suite your unique business needs.

Connect Fiix CMMS with sensors, PLC, SCADA, and other production systems to optimize your operations.

Build your own integration with Fiix’s open API and your choice of development tools.

Better Collaboration by Connecting to Other Systems

Fiix CMMS lets you integrate, share data, and trigger workflows across any enterprise system. Connect with sensors,  control systems, and even business softwares like SAP, Oracle, NetSuite and many more.

Better Asset Performance and Maintenance Management

Minimize equipment downtime, monitor the health of your critical assets, and schedule maintenance based on real-time information.

Skyrocket Your Productivity

Share vital information across departments, track work progress in real-time, and optimize workflows across different systems.

Make Decisions With Reliable Data

Automate processes and generate work orders based on real-time asset utilization or condition data.

Optimize Fiix CMMS With Integration

Two-Way Sync With ERPs

Integrate with popular ERP software to synchronize parts and materials inventory including availability and consumption, automate purchase requests for replenishment, share information on work orders and assets.

Usage-Based Triggers

Automate work order creation based on actual equipment utilization such as run hours, cycle counts, mileage, and many more.

Condition-Based Triggers

Trigger maintenance activities automatically based on real-time equipment data from sensors, such as vibration, temperature, pressure, lubrication, and others.

Grow Faster, Perform Better

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Get inspired with how other companies are using Fiix to save costs, achieve regulatory compliance, streamline processes and much more.

Freedom to Connect Endless Possibilities

Easily connect Fiix CMMS to any system you are using, including sensors, PLC, SCADA, ERP and more. Customers have integrated Fiix with more than 150 solutions, and some are listed below.


NetSuite provides a suite of cloud-based applications that help organizations grow, scale, and adapt to change.


Cloud-based technology that enables companies to reimagine their businesses, processes, and experiences.


Enterprise application software that helps companies of all sizes and in all industries run at their best.


Business cloud software products for companies in industry-specific markets.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Modern, intelligent business applications that adapt to changing business needs.

Connect out-of-the-box to wireless sensors to enable usage and condition-based maintenance with ease.
MAJiK Systems
Connect to virtually any production system to automatically trigger work orders based on meter readings or alerts.


Seamlessly connect to and collect data from multiple sources, including sensors, PLC< SCADA, and data historians.

Build Your Own Integration

Developer Guide

Step-by-step instructions to kick start with Fiix’s API.

Client API Reference

Full documentation on the inner workings of Fiix’s API.

Software Developer Kit
Download the Fiix API libraries to help with your development.