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Fiix CMMS Mobile App is user friendly and intuitive.

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Modernize your maintenance operations and use Fiix to organize assets, manage work orders, integrate with other business systems, and make informed decisions backed by data.

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[Fiix] gave me the ability to do what I wanted. It had hierarchy built into the system. It had a lot of reports, a lot of customization, and it was user-friendly. It was also something we could easily afford. It was, pay your amount of money per seat, and let’s make this happen.

Justin McCormick
Equipment and Purchasing Manager, Callan Marine

Easy to Use

It ticked all our boxes and one of the things I noticed straight away was its simple navigation. I have used a number of systems in the past that had steep learning curves with their idiosyncrasies and short cuts. Fiix is easy to navigate, which is good for us and good for our end users.

Justin Scott
Facility Manager, 365 Data Centers

Easy to Use



It was no effort at all. The timing was excellent: from the initial contact to going live on the system, it took less than a week.

Ewen Leslie
Freshwater Engineering Manager, Scottish Sea Farms

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Let us help you optimize your maintenance and repair operations.
Get inspired with how other companies are using Fiix to save costs, achieve regulatory compliance, streamline processes and much more.

How Fiix Improves Productivity &
Simplifies Maintenance Management

Automated Preventive Maintenance
Schedule maintenance activities based on date and time, meter readings, specific events, or alarm-based triggers. Standardize operations using automatic task lists and get notified for upcoming maintenance works.
Real-Time Data and Insights
Leverage on personalized dashboards, KPI tracking, custom reports and data management to make better decisions that are data-driven.
Seamless Integrations
Integrate with any hardware device or software application with Fiix's open API to get the most out of your CMMS. Unlock the full power of your assets and work seamlessly with other departments - from importing machine sensor data or exporting to an ERP.

Improve Asset Performance

Reduce downtime and track the health of mission-critical assets.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Fiix gives you real-time maintenance analytics to make informed business decisions.

Drive Productivity

Track work orders, stay connected and work anywhere with Fiix Mobile CMMS App.

Connect to Any Business Systems

Collect and share data across your systems to automate your processes.

Fiix Cloud-based CMMS Software Trusted by Thousands of Customers Globally

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